Ainslie Tartan

The name Ainslie is most likely derived from Annesley which is located in Nottinghamshire, England. There was also an Ansley in Warwickshire that was recorded by the name of "Hanslei" in the Domesday Book in 1086 It is derived from the Olde English "ansetl", hermitage with "Leah", thin wood and glade. It also refers to clearing. Annesley located in Nottinghamshire is mentioned in the Domesday Book as "Aneslei" which translates to "the solitary glade", coming from"the solitary glade" which is derived from the Old English "an", one that has "Leah" as before. It is therefore most likely to be a result of Nottinghamshire. The color of Ainslie tartan is dark blues, greens blacks, gray, and vibrantly colored checks. The vibrant print will not fade even after washing or wear. It's made of completely pure Acrylic wool, which is a ( reproduction of natural wool and cotton yarns).
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