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Red Rabbit Fur Full Dress Sporran

Red Rabbit Fur Full Dress Sporran

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Red Rabbit Fur Full Dress Sporran | Gallery 

When you need to make a bold and daring statement while in full dress, the Red Rabbit Fur Full Dress Sporran has you covered. This striking sporran is fiery red, making it the perfect accessory to accent any kilts you own with red in them, allowing the color to pop. Made from 100 percent real back leather, this red sporran is made out of rabbit fur and is ultra soft to the touch. The top of the sporran features a metal decoration with engraved designs on it. Underneath, three red rabbit fur tassels hang down from chains. Able to fit anyone, the Red Rabbit Fur Full Dress Sporran comes with an adjustable leather chain belt for your comfort. The interior of the sporran is spacious and accommodating.</p?

Materials & Shipping

  • Materials and Features
  • Type: Semi Dress Sporran
  • Leather: 100% Real Back Leather
  • Color:Pink Color Sporran
  • Bag: Wide Opening Bag Compartment
  • Tassels:3 Leather Tassels
  • Chain Belt:Adjustable Leather Chain Belt

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