Walker Clan Tartan

The history of Clan Walker is rooted in the Scottish surname 'Waulker' or 'Son of the Fuller or Cloth Maker,' with the Highland version of the name being MacNucator. Members of the clan have held prominent positions throughout Scottish history, including Patrick Nowcatter as Procurator Fiscal for Argyll in 1655, and Martine McNaucater holding the same office in 1667. However, the clan faced fines for harbouring fugitives of the outlawed Clan Gregor in the 17th century. Prior to the majority of the clan changing their name to Walker in the 18th century, the MacNucators appeared to have been entrenched in and around Knapdale, where they were associated with Clan Macmillan by historians. Helen Walker (d.1791) provides a notable story associated with the clan, as she walked from Scotland to London to petition for the life of her sister who had been condemned to death for infanticide. Her story provided the inspiration for Sir Walter Scott's epic tale of Jeanie Deans in The Heart of Midlothian. Additionally, members of the clan have held prominent positions in the church and academia, including Robert Walker, who became Minister of Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, and James Walker, who became Bishop of Edinburgh in 1830. Sir James Walker was a renowned Professor of Chemistry at Dundee University and worked on hydrolysis, ionization, and amphoteric electrolysis.
The Walker Clan Tartan features a striking design with a predominantly red background, intersected by green, blue and yellow stripes. The tartan is a representation of the clan's Scottish heritage and is made up of four main colors, each with its own symbolism. The green represents the Scottish landscape, while the blue symbolizes the sea surrounding Scotland. The red stripes represent the blood spilled in battles fought by the clan, and the yellow stripes represent the wealth and prosperity of the clan.
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