Allen Tartan

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Scottish Highlands with the Allen Tartan. This tartan is associated with Clan Allen, also known as Clan Mac Allen or Clan Allan, a powerful Scottish clan dating back to the early 13th century. Renowned for their formidable fighting abilities, they held sway over the lands of Glenorchy and the surrounding areas. Though the clan does not currently have a recognized chief, it remains an Armigerous clan, proudly upholding its storied legacy. Through the centuries, they spread across Scotland, embracing different surnames like MacAllen, Allan, and more, while predominantly engaging in farming and herding. These tartans reflect the history, courage, and resilience of them, allowing you to wear a piece of their heritage with pride.
The tartan features a captivating combination of blue, green, white and black hues. The vibrant blue represents the vast Highland skies, while the deep green evokes the lush landscapes that have long nurtured the clan's ancestral grounds. The fiery red symbolizes the spirit and passion that have coursed through the veins of their warriors throughout history. The contrasting white and black threads intertwine, signifying the interplay between light and dark, tradition and progress.
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