Flutes for Sale | Rosewood, African Black Wooden Flutes,Music Flute

Every bit as popular as other traditional Celtic instruments, the flute has always been a favored instrument by the Irish for centuries. Often played at festivals or celebrations, Scottish flutes are responsible for most of the music filling the air, and with the Wooden Flutes here at Scottish Kilt Shop, you can have your very own high-quality wooden flute to play. The Wooden Flutes come in either Rosewood or African black wood, each one with its own unique finishes to suit your tastes. The high-quality wooden flutes also come with their own carrying cases lined with a felt material that helps to keep the flute from rattling around inside of the box to prevent nicks and scratches. Our selection of flutes all come with their own slides to get you started playing straight away and can easily be collapsed for storage or traveling.