Denim Kilt For Stylish Women

Denim Kilt For Stylish Women

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Just like the other kilts offered by Scottish Kilt Shop, the Ripped Denim Women's Kilt is completely made to measure in an effort to ensure that the kilt fits perfectly right out of the package.  When you order your kilt, you can include your waist size measured in inches and input your hip size for even greater accuracy when it comes to achieving the perfect fit. No matter what length you prefer your new denim kilt to be, you can order the proper length as well as the measurement of the fell. Further customize the look of your new kilt by choosing the buttons and hardware that best suits your tastes and preferences. Any additional requirements or customizations you want to make to the kilt can be added to the comment box before purchase.To keep up the the look and style of  denim jeans and skirts, this kilt has belt loops at the  waist belt and it can be worn with belt or without belt. You can also use  the pockets on the jeans for your belongings, Metal buttons and studs are also attached to conserve the classic look.Give yourself the classic look of denim with all of the traditional, cultural beauty of a kilt when you order the Ripped Denim Women's Kilt.





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Denim Kilt for Stylish Women

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