Young Tartan

Auldbar Castle, located in Angus, Scotland, has a rich history dating back to the era of clan warfare. The castle was once the ancestral home of the Young clan, who inherited it from Clan Lyon. The Youngs are a relatively common Scottish surname, which originated from the practice of distinguishing between a father and his son who shared the same first name or if a father had multiple heirs. Despite their relatively small size, the Youngs were known for their affiliation with larger families during raids along the border between Scotland and England, as well as holding important positions in northeast regions. The clan's motto, "Robore Prudential Praestat" (Prudence Excels Strength), reflects their belief in the importance of foresight and caution in decision-making. The clan crest, a demi lion issuant, Gules, holding a sword, Proper, further symbolizes their strength and prowess. Today, the Young clan is armigerous, meaning they do not have a recognized clan chief, but their legacy lives on through their history and the various lands and castles they once held.
The Young Tartan, with its red, yellow, pink, light blue, dark blue, and green stripes, is a vibrant representation of the Young clan's history and values. The design's colors and patterns symbolize different elements of the clan's heritage, such as their affiliation with larger families and involvement in maritime trade. The tartan is a significant aspect of the clan's cultural heritage and a symbol of Scottish tradition.
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