Wood Tartan

The Wood Clan challenges the misconception that clans and families are limited to specific regions. Originating in the Victorian era, they have surpassed geographical boundaries. Their name, derived from Old English, signifies a dweller near a wood and a fierce warrior. Prominent families in the UK proudly bear a crest depicting a Savage wielding a club, symbolizing their spirit. The Norman French influence is evident in derivations like de Vosco or de Bosco, meaning "of wood" in modern French. Notable figures from this lineage include Sir Robert de Bosco and his daughter Alice de Bosco. Admiral Sir Andrew Wood of Largo left a lasting legacy in Scottish history, known for his victories against pirates and English fleets. Their descendants played a significant role in the economic and armed expansion of the British Empire. The lineage's chief position has been held by Timothy Fawcett Wood of Largo since 1916. Wood of Largo actively upholds the noble traditions of the clan as a member of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.
This Tartan is a stunning combination of pink, blue, green, white, black, and yellow. The vibrant colors represent the natural beauty of Scotland, with pink representing heather, blue representing the sky, green representing the hills, white representing the clouds, black representing the coal mines, and yellow representing the sun. The pattern is a classic tartan design, with thick vertical stripes of blue and green alternating with thin stripes of pink, white, and black.
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