Western Isles Tartan

The Western Isles Tartan is a symbol that embodies the proud Scottish tradition and heritage that are part of the Western Isles of Scotland. The tartan has a distinct design and color palette that reflect the character and the history of the region. The pattern first appeared within the Vestiarium the Scoticum, and is distinct from earlier setts that were attributed to the Lord of the Isles or the Lord of the Isles or any one or any of the Clan Donald branches. It isn't generally thought of as a traditional clan tartan. It is a shamanistic tartan.
Sobieski Stuart Brothers who wrote their book Vestiarium declared themselves to be descendants of a manuscript that was once in the possession of prince Charles Edward Stuart himself but the original never was published to the general public. Western Isles Tartan features are blue black, pink, and blue and white stripes. It doesn't matter if you're a proud member of the Western Isles clan, or just want to show your affection for Scotland and Scotland, the Western Isles Tartan is the ideal option. The distinctive beauty in this tartan will be certain to attract attention and stand out everywhere you travel. Wearing the Western Isles tartan is a fantastic option to show the beauty of your Scottish roots and honor your heritage, while remaining fashionable and in-style.