Weir Ancient Tartan

It is believed that the name Vere is of Norman origin, derived from one of the other areas named Calvados, Manche, Oise, or Eure et Loire. It was brought to Normandy by the Norsemen from their own'ver"station," such as fiskiver, which means fishing station which is etymologically related in meaning to Old English weir, wear - dam.
The variants Vere the de Vere, Very, Were, Weir and Wear were all common within the Scottish Lowlands during the 12th century. A source suggests that the names originate via Ereneis who was possibly an older sister to Alberic de Vere who accompanied William the Conqueror to Britain. Weir Weir Ancient Tartan features are background is sky blue color with light forest green, and black, as well as yellow stripes.
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