US Navy Tartan

The US Navy Tartan is a relatively new tartan that was designed in 2009 by Carol A. Morris, a former employee of the US Navy. The tartan was created to honor the men and women who have served and continue to serve in the United States Navy. The US Navy Tartan is a special tartan that was created in collaboration between Arthur Mackie, a former mill manager, and Lieutenant Lee Josselyn, who served with a unit of SeaBees at RAF Edzell in Scotland during the early 1990s. The tartan is designed with a dark and light blue color scheme, representing the sea that plays a vital role in the Navy's history and operations. The creation of the US Navy Tartan is a beautiful tribute to the brave men and women who serve in the United States Navy, and it symbolizes the pride, strength, and dedication of those who defend our nation's freedom. The design of the tartan features the colors of the US Navy, including navy blue, gold, and red.
The navy blue represents the ocean and the sky, while the gold represents the courage and sacrifice of the sailors. The red symbolizes the blood that has been shed in defense of the nation
. The tartan was officially recognized by the Scottish Register of Tartans in 2010 and has since become a popular choice for members of the US Navy and their families. The US Navy Tartan is often used for a variety of purposes, including kilts, ties, and other accessories. It has also been used for special events, such as the commissioning of new Navy ships and the retirement of senior Navy officers. Overall, the US Navy Tartan serves as a tribute to the bravery and dedication of the men and women who serve in the US Navy and has become an important symbol of the Navy's proud history and traditions.