Urquhart Tartan

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Urquhart Clan, an ancient Celtic lineage hailing from the breathtaking northeast of Scotland. Rooted in a land of majestic beauty, this tartan bears witness to centuries of history and embodies the indomitable spirit of its people. The Clan takes its name from Glen Urquhart, a picturesque valley nestled amidst rolling hills and the legendary Loch Ness. From this enchanting setting, the Urquhart Tartan emerges as a symbol of their enduring legacy. Dating back to the Scottish War of Independence, Clan Urquhart rallied under the leadership of William de Urchard, a staunch supporter of King Robert Bruce. Loyalty to the crown and unwavering dedication defined the character of this noble clan, whose ancestral lands encompassed the Barony of Cromarty for over three centuries. Their allegiance to the House of Stuart knew no bounds, leading them to fight valiantly and endure great sacrifices for the Royal Family. Regrettably, their unwavering loyalty came at a cost. The Urquharts were forced to relinquish their ancestral lands in Cromartyshire, paying the price for their steadfast commitment to the Royalist cause. Yet, despite this upheaval, their spirit remained unbroken, embodied in their motto, "Meane weil speak weil and doe weil" (Mean well, speak well, and do well).
The Urquhart Tartan showcases a harmonious blend of colors that evoke the captivating landscapes of Scotland. Predominantly composed of green, red, blue, and black, this mesmerizing palette captures the essence of the clan's ancestral territory. The lush green symbolizes the verdant glens and rolling hills, while the vibrant red reflects the fiery spirit that has defined the Urquhart Clan for generations.
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