Strachan Tartan

The Clan Strachan Hunting tartan was designed and registered in 2021. This tartan features colors that represent the heraldic colors of Clan Strachan, as well as the family's association with the Tribe of Mar. The history of the Strachan clan is also discussed, including their origins in Kincardineshire and their rise in popularity in the 1600s, when they gained the rank of baronet. Despite the fact that the last chief of the clan died without an heir, the Strachan clan remains armigerous. The modern, ancient, and reproduction setts all feature the same colors and thread count, but use different methods of dyeing to achieve different effects. The modern sett uses chemical dyes to provide deep and vibrant colors, while the ancient sett uses vegetable dyes to create a softer, more muted appearance. The reproduction sett aims to replicate the appearance of a tartan that has been weathered over time.
The Strachan Tartan has a pattern that consists of several colors, including yellow, black, red, green, and blue. The design features crisscrossing lines in these hues, resulting in a visually striking and bold appearance. The combination of colors represents the family's association with the Tribe of Mar, with the green bands signifying this connection. The blue, red, and yellow lines are also significant as they represent the heraldic colors of Clan Strachan. The modern version of the tartan uses chemical dyes to provide deep, vibrant colors, while the Ancient and Reproduction Setts use colors that represent how the tartan would appear using vegetable dyes and weathering over time.
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