Somerville Tartan

Immerse yourself in the saga of the Somerville clan, an ancient lineage that traces its origins back to the 12th century, receiving lordship and lands in Lanarkshire from none other than David I himself. With the steadfast motto "Fear God In Life," Somerville has left an indelible mark on Scottish history. The surname itself hails from the tranquil town near Caen in Normandy, meaning "Sumer's estate," an embodiment of their deep-rooted connection to the land. This storied family took root in Scotland through William de Somerville, who stood beside David I and secured the family's legacy in Lanarkshire. A lineage woven with tales of valor and significance, the Somerville clan witnessed the passage of time as custodians of charters for religious houses. Among their legendary exploits stands Williams, who triumphed over a monstrous beast, earning the fertile lands of Linton as a reward. Throughout the ages, the clan's name evolved through various spellings, reflecting the shifting tides of history: Scumervaill, Semervaile, Simmerwell, Someruell, Somervel, Somerville, and Somervol.
The Somerville Tartan captures this saga in every thread, with hues of red, blue, green, beige, pink, and yellow harmoniously intertwined. The pure New acrylic Wool Tartan showcases the essence of the Scottish landscape, from the rolling hills to the azure skies. With unwavering accuracy, our swatches bring to life the sett pattern, an intricate dance of colors that tells a story of unity and heritage.
As you delve into the world of the Somerville Tartan, you're not just purchasing fabric; you're embracing a legacy that spans centuries. The Scottish Kilt stands as your gateway to this cherished heritage, offering a diverse array of products deeply rooted in Scottish culture and traditional attire. Join us in preserving the spirit of Scotland, a land where history, tradition, and beauty converge. Elevate your connection to Scottish heritage today.