Somerville Ancient Tartan

The Somerville Ancient Tartan carries with it a deep-seated history, rooted firmly in the soils of Scotland's Lanarkshire region. Awarded nobility in the 12th century by King David I of Scotland, the Somerville family quickly rose to prominence among the noble lineages of Scotland. The first notable figure of this name, William de Somerville, accompanied King David I and was subsequently granted lands in Lanarkshire. He was laid to rest at Melrose Abbey circa 1142, leaving behind a legacy intricately linked with Scottish nobility and valor. A distinctive element of the clan is its crest, featuring a formidable green dragon spouting fire from atop a silver wheel, symbolizing the fierce spirit and enduring strength of the Somervilles. This emblem complements their motto, "Fear God In Life," encapsulating the clan's guiding principles. Historically significant, the Somerville peerage was formally recognized by the House of Lords in 1723, with John, the thirteenth Lord Somerville, serving as a representative peer for Scotland. Today, the clan is armigerous, maintaining its noble status in the absence of a chief, and continues to be celebrated through the distinct patterns and colors of their tartan.
The Somerville Ancient Tartan is visually striking, characterized by its vibrant orange backdrop that symbolizes the rich, fiery history of the Somerville lineage. Overlaying this are thick green and blue stripes that denote the lush landscapes and tranquil waters of Scotland. Intersecting these broader bands are thin vertical yellow and white lines, adding a layer of complexity and elegance to the tartan. Each color and pattern is a tribute to the storied past and noble achievements of the Somerville clan, meticulously woven to represent both tradition and communal identity.
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