Shepherd Tartan

Shepherd Tartan is one of the classic Scottish tartans named after the Shepherd family. The pattern and the colors in this tartan are believed to be originating from the Highlands of Scotland. The story of Shepherd Tartan can be traced back to the 17th century when tartan patterns were employed to distinguish different Scottish clans. Each clan had its own distinctive tartan design, as well as it was the Shepherd tartan could be used to symbolize that of the Shepherd family. The shepherd tartan is believed to be the oldest tartan we have.
The original design was woven using the wool gathered directly from black and white sheep, which meant that there was no need for dye to make the pattern. It is the Shepherd Tartan is one of the most simple designs, employing only white and black to create an amazing result. As time has passed the Shepherd Tartan has become a symbol of Scottish tradition and is often utilized for traditional Scottish clothes, including kilts, sporrans as well as tartan-sash sashes. In the present, the Shepherd Tartan is still a well-liked choice for people looking to honor their Scottish heritage and reconnect to their ancestral roots. The pattern comes in a variety of shades and is widely regarded as an iconic symbol for Scotland as well as its extensive culture.