Sempill Tartan

The Sempill Tartan, carrying the distinguished crest of a stag's head with ten azure tynes emerging from a ducal coronet, tells a story deeply rooted in Scottish history. This emblem, collared with a princely crown or, epitomizes the clan's royal affiliations and its steadfast motto, "Keep Tryst," which translates to "Keep The Appointed Meeting." This sentiment underscores a legacy of loyalty and honor. The Sempills have been integral to Scotland’s narrative since the 13th century. The surname, believed to derive either from a corruption of 'St Pauls' or a descriptor for a simple or humble person, became notable with figures like Robert de Sempill, who was active in the governance of Renfrewshire. The clan's historical canvas is painted with alliances and battles: from supporting King Robert the Bruce in the 14th century and receiving lands as a reward, to their involvement in pivotal battles such as Sauchieburn, Flodden Field, Pinkie Cleugh, and Langside. By the 16th century, the clan’s allegiance shifted from Mary, Queen of Scots, marking their strategic adaptability. The Sempill Tartan also bears threads of the clan's military engagements into the modern era, particularly through their service in the 25th Regiment of Foot, known today as the King’s Own Scottish Borderers. Registered officially on 7 November 2000 by Lord Sempill, this tartan not only drapes its wearer in the richness of Scottish heritage but also cloaks them in the tales of valor and perseverance that shaped a nation.
The Sempill Tartan features a sophisticated palette, setting a subtle blue backdrop that suggests the calm resolve characteristic of the clan. This serene blue is boldly intersected by thick green and black lines, which assert the tartan's visual presence. Complementing these dominant hues, thin white and red lines crisscross harmoniously, adding depth and complexity to the tartan. Each color has been chosen to reflect a particular aspect of the clan’s history and symbolism, making the tartan not only a piece of clothing but a narrative woven into fabric.
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