Seabee Tartan

The Seabee Tartan does not represent an individual tartan tied to a specific clan. The pattern was developed by the US Navy Seabees which is a division that is part of the US military that specialises in engineering and construction. It is a pattern that was created by Seabee Tartan was developed to represent the Seabees pride in their unit, and also to create an identity that is unique to the members of the organisation. The Tartan was developed in the hands of Arthur Mackie, former mill manager, and in collaboration together with Lt. Lee Josselyn who served with an unofficial detachment of SeaBees at RAF Edzell in Scotland in the early 1990s. Lee Josselyn's enthusiasm for the idea introduced the idea of wearing tartan to a lot of US military personnel along with their spouses. The story of Seabee Tartan is closely linked to the story of the US Navy Seabees, which was founded in World War II to provide support for construction to the military. The Seabees have a long tradition of participating in many conflicts and construction projects in addition, the Seabee Tartan is now an icon of their heritage and dedication to service.
While it's not affiliated with a particular clan however, this Seabee Tartan has become a preferred option for those looking to show their love towards the US seabees and military. Thus, the Seabee Tartan consists of navy blue, light blue and green stripes. It is commonly used to create scarves, kilts as well as other clothing items. The idea behind it was to represent the Seabees' proudness in their unit and create a distinctive identity for all members of the group. Seabee Tartan is a symbol of pride and respect. Seabee Tartan has become an emblem of the heritage and sacrifice for Seabees. US Navy Seabees. It is frequently worn by people who support the Seabees as well as the military.