Rothesay Hunting Tartan

Discover the captivating Rothesay Hunting Tartan, a symbol of Scottish heritage with a rich history. The Rothesay Hunting Tartan is linked to the esteemed Duke of Rothesay title, holding great importance in Scottish history. Prince Charles has held this title since February 6, 1952, as the heir apparent to the British throne. Its origins trace back to the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of Great Britain. The Duke of Rothesay title carries immense significance in Scottish culture, accompanied by esteemed Scottish titles like Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland. These titles weave a vibrant legacy rooted in Scotland's past. Formerly known as the 'Prince of Rothesay' tartan, the Rothesay tartan shares a deep connection with royalty. King Edward VII proudly wore this tartan during his childhood, solidifying its association with the Duke of Rothesay. The elegantly crafted Rothesay Hunting Tartan pays homage to this royal heritage, connecting you to Scotland's regal traditions. Rothesay, the main town of the Isles of Bute, witnesses the historical significance of the Rothesay Hunting Tartan. It holds a rich legacy as a stronghold of the Stuarts of Bute and the Boyds.
The Rothesay Hunting Tartan enchants with its harmonious colours, showcasing red, green, and white stripes. The bold red signifies passion and strength, while the vibrant green represents Scotland's lush landscapes. The pristine white adds elegance to this timeless design. With its intricate sett pattern, the Rothesay Hunting Tartan exudes sophistication. The pattern weaves the red, green, and white stripes together, creating a mesmerising display. Every thread follows the traditional pattern with precision, ensuring authenticity. The Rothesay Hunting Tartan embodies tradition and symbolism, connecting generations and celebrating Scotland's cultural heritage. Wearing this tartan represents pride, resilience, and a deep connection to Scottish identity.
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