Ross Tartan

Ross Tartan, Originating from the illustrious Clan Ross, bears witness to centuries of valor, loyalty, and resilience. The roots of Clan Ross trace back to the 13th century when Fearcher MacinTagart earned the distinguished title of Earl of Ross. As stalwart allies of Alexander II of Scotland, the Rosses achieved knighthood and cemented their place in history. Their unwavering support continued through pivotal moments, including rallying behind Alexander III and Robert the Bruce in fierce battles against English forces. In 1374, the Ross clan was granted the lands of Balnagowan, a holding they proudly maintained for over three centuries. Their allegiance remained unwavering, even during the tumultuous Battle of Harlaw in 1411 when they stood alongside the Lord of the Isles against the Duke of Albany. The Rosses weathered the turbulent tides of history, occasionally clashing with rivals like the Mackays in the 15th century. Fierce battles at Tarbat and Auldicharish became a testament to their determination. In later years, David Ross of Balnagowan etched his name into the annals of Scottish history, signing the National Covenant in 1638 and courageously participating in battles during the Jacobite rebellions. Throughout these times, Clan Ross remained steadfast and resolute.
The Ross tartan presents a harmonious fusion of colors and lines, captivating all who behold it. Its mesmerizing pattern, characterized by bold reds, deep greens, and regal navy blues, dances in perfect synchrony. The sett pattern, comprised of meticulously arranged horizontal and vertical stripes, evokes a sense of unity and tradition. Each stripe, meticulously measured and spaced, tells a story of the clan's enduring bonds and timeless heritage.
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