Rose Muted Tartan

Discover the enchanting world of Scottish heritage with our exquisite Rose Muted Tartan. Rooted in the rich history of Clan Rose, this enduring symbol of tradition and heritage takes you on a captivating journey back in time. The history of Rose Muted Tartan is intertwined with Clan Rose, a Scottish clan with roots in Normandy. They settled in Scotland in the mid-13th century, embodying principles of loyalty and unity with their motto "Constant and True." At the heart of Clan Rose is their cherished emblem, featuring a harp—a symbol of their deep appreciation for Scottish music, art, and culture. This emblem represents their identity and values. Experience the ancestral home of Clan Rose at Kilravock Castle, a majestic architectural marvel dating back to 1460. Explore its hallowed halls and uncover the secrets whispered by the ancient stones, immersing yourself in the spirit of Clan Rose. Throughout history, Clan Rose demonstrated unwavering allegiance to the Crown, standing firm during the Jacobite Risings and supporting the Hanoverians.
Experience the captivating Rose Muted Tartan—a mesmerising blend of colours. The dark red backdrop sets the stage, complemented by royal blue bands. Delicate white and green lines weave together, forming an enchanting tapestry of grace and sophistication. Each colour in the Rose Muted Tartan holds symbolic significance, reflecting Clan Rose's timeless heritage. The deep red symbolises strength and resilience, embodying the clan's unwavering spirit. Royal blue represents loyalty and honour, paying homage to the clan's guiding principles. The white and green lines symbolise purity and nature, connecting Clan Rose to the stunning Scottish landscapes they call home.
At Scottish Kilt, we are dedicated to preserving and sharing the vibrant legacy of Scottish culture, and our Rose Muted Tartan is a testament to that commitment. With an extensive range of authentic Scottish attire and accessories, we aim to bring the spirit of Scotland to enthusiasts and individuals passionate about embracing tradition and expressing their unique style.