Robertson Tartan

The Robertson tartan weaves a rich tapestry of history that resonates with the soul of Scotland. Clan Robertson, also known as Clan Donnachaidh, proudly claims the distinction of being the oldest Scottish clan, its roots stretching back to the ancient Celtic Earls of Athol. Through centuries marked by strife and valor, this noble clan emerged as staunch defenders of Scottish independence. During the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Robertsons, then known as the Duncansons or Clann Dhonnchaidh, steadfastly supported Robert I and the indomitable Robert the Bruce. Their loyalty was rewarded by King James I, who honored them with a regal crest: a powerful right hand grasping an imperial crown. James II elevated their ancestral lands into the Barony of Struan, cementing their place in Scottish history. The clan's unwavering allegiance was further tested when they stood with the 1st Marquess of Montrose during the Scottish Civil War, enduring the burning of their stronghold at Invervack by Cromwell's forces. Through adversity, the Robertsons remained loyal to the Jacobite cause during the 1715 and 1745 rebellions, even if it meant the forfeiture of their lands.
The Robertson tartan is a stunning embodiment of these resilient traditions. Dominated by a rich, regal red, it is interwoven with striking navy blue and the verdant hues of a lush forest green. This harmonious blend creates a visually captivating pattern that symbolizes the strength, courage, and enduring spirit of the Clan Robertson. The tartan's colors reflect the landscapes and loyalties that have defined this clan throughout its storied history.
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