Robertson Of Struan Ancient Tartan

Discover the ancient heritage of Robertson Of Struan Ancient Tartan, rooted in the noble house of Duncan I and the Earls of Atholl. This tartan symbolises the heroic support of Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. It weaves together stories of valiant warriors and unwavering loyalty that have shaped the Robertson clan for centuries. The Robertson lineage traces back to Crinan, Lord of Atholl, and their name is etched in Scottish history. Duncan, known as Donnchadh Reamhar, was a key supporter of Robert the Bruce. The Robertsons of Struan continued their legacy, capturing and delivering justice to murderers of King James I. They received a crest badge from James II and their lands became the prestigious Barony of Struan. Despite turbulent times, the Robertsons stood firm with the Marquess of Montrose during the Scottish Civil War and actively participated in the Jacobite risings of 1689, 1715, and 1745. Their courage and resilience endured through generations.
The Robertson Of Struan Ancient Tartan proudly showcases a captivating sea green colour, symbolising renewal and growth. It evokes the emerald landscapes of the Scottish highlands, transporting wearers to a realm of nature's grandeur. Forest green squares with a touch of deep navy blue add depth and timeless charm, paying homage to enchanting forests and rolling hills. These colours harmoniously combine to create an alluring tartan.
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