Rattray Tartan

The Rattray clan is a Highland clan that has owned the barony of Rattray in Perthshire since the 11th century. Their motto is "Super sidera votum" (My wishes are above the stars), and their crest is a flaming heart atop a star. The first Laird of Rattray on record is Alanus de Ratheriff who was born in 1165 and died in 1210. The Rattrays have a long history of conflict with the Earls of Atholl, dating back to the 15th century when the Rattrays acquired large estates around Fortingall in Atholl. John Stewart, Murray Of Atholl, married a Rattray daughter, claiming half the barony as her right. Her brother Patrick was driven from Rattray Castle in 1516 and was later murdered by the Earl of Atholl in 1533. The Rattrays fought for Charles I during the Scottish Civil War, with John Rattray being imprisoned in the Tower of London following defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651. In 1648, another Patrick Rattray consolidated the estates into one free barony of Craighall-Rattray. John Rattray was physician to Charles Edward Stuart throughout the Jacobite rising of 1745. James Rattray sheltered Jacobite fugitives at Craighall. The current Clan Chief is Lachlan Rattray of Rattray.
The Rattray Tartan features a predominantly green and blue pattern with white and red accents. The tartan's design includes thick, vertical stripes of green and blue with thin red and white stripes in between. The overall effect is a striking and bold design that represents the Rattray clan's long and rich history. The tartan is commonly used in traditional Scottish attire, such as kilts and scarves, and is a popular choice among those with Scottish heritage. The Rattray Tartan is a beautiful representation of the clan's legacy and is sure to be cherished by generations to come.
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