Ralston Tartan

It is believed that the Ralston Tartan is connected to the Ralston family which is an ancient Scottish family with a rich heritage. The precise origins of the Ralston family aren't known however they were believed to have been living in the Renfrewshire region of Scotland throughout the centuries. It is believed that the Ralston Tartan is a modern style that was developed around the turn of the century. The surname comes from the land of Ralston situated just from the west in Paisley, Renfrewshire. This name comes from a shortened version that is a shortened version of "Ralph's Town", which in time, softened into the spelling that we have today.
The Ralston Tartan is a design of woven fabric that is associated with the Ralston family which is a Scottish family with a long heritage and comprised of a mixture of green, blue as well as red stripes. This Ralston Tartan is a very popular option for kilts because it is a symbol of the proud heritage and tradition of the Ralston family.