Pitcairn Hunting Tartan

A masterpiece woven from centuries of tradition, the Pitcairn Hunting Tartan transcends time and space. This tartan proudly carries the legacy of its clan, hailing from the lands of Fife. The Full Moon crest, symbolising illumination, pairs gracefully with the motto "Plena Refulget," radiating the essence of brightness and distinction. The name "Pitcairn" resonates with territorial significance, deeply rooted in the landscapes it derives from. Although lacking a current clan chief, this armigerous clan boasts a lineage of remarkable individuals. The journey through time introduces notable figures like William de Petkaran, a juror before 1249 in Dunfermline, and John de Petcarn, who secured the lands of Innernethie through a charter in 1250. Pieres de Pectarne's pledge to Edward I of England in 1296 and the valiant sacrifice of Andrew Pitcairn and his sons at the Battle of Flodden in 1513 weave a tapestry of resilience. David Petkarn's tenure as archdeacon of Brechin in 1512 and 1518 adds ecclesiastical significance. Major John Pitcairn's pivotal role in firing the first shot of the American Revolutionary War and Robert Pitcairn's exploration of Pitcairn Island form the pinnacle of this narrative.
The Pitcairn Hunting tartan beckons with a harmonious interplay of colors that tell their own story. Crafted from pure New acrylic wool, this tartan showcases an enchanting fusion of green, blue, pink, yellow, and red. The vibrant hues mirror the kaleidoscope of emotions that weave through the fabric of life. The intricate sett pattern is a symphony of design, meticulously crafted to reflect the spirit of the clan.
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