Pennsylvania Tartan

The Pennsylvania Tartan is an exclusive design that reflects the heritage and tradition in the State of Pennsylvania. It was developed to honour the state's Scottish-Irish heritage as well as pay tribute to those immigrants that played an important part throughout the country's history.The Pennsylvania Tartan is recognized and registered as official by The Scottish Tartans Authority, making it an official symbol of the heritage of Pennsylvania. It is regarded as an emblem of pride and pride for the residents of Pennsylvania, representing their rich heritage of culture and their historical roots. The design was created by late Wm. H. Johnston in 1992. The design is inspired by H. Johnston's Black Watch which served at the Battle of Bushy Run, close to Pittsburgh 1763, thereby securing the western region of Pennsylvania as well as that of the "Ohio Country" for Great Britain. It is commonly used in a myriad of items such as kilts, scarves, and kilts to blankets and ties.
This Pennsylvania Tartan can be described as a design that is a symbol of the history and tradition in the United States state, Pennsylvania within the United States. It is a distinctive design which represents the state's Scottish-Irish heritage, and also its rich history as well as its natural splendor. The Tartan is designed with the official colors of the state, yellow and blue in addition to red and green. It is recognized as a registered trademark with The Scottish Tartans Authority. The Pennsylvania Tartan can be found in a myriad of products including kilts scarves tie, blankets, and kilts as well as an expression to be proud for residents of Pennsylvania that represent their cultural history and heritage.