Paterson Tartan

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the storied heritage of the Paterson Tartan. Originating from the clan that settled on the picturesque north side of Loch Fyne in the late 13th century, this tartan weaves a compelling narrative into its fabric. Emblematic of the Paterson clan's legacy, the crest featuring a dexter hand emerging from a cloud, grasping laurel, symbolizes their aspiration for greatness with the motto "Huc Tendimus Omnes" - We all strive for this. Although considered an armigerous clan without a designated chief, the Paterson name soared in popularity, ranking among the top twenty common surnames in the Scottish Lowlands in 1994.
The Paterson Tartan, while evoking the essence of this ancient lineage, captivates with its design. Against a dark blue backdrop, it proudly showcases thin red and white stripes that underscore the clan's spirit. Prominent green and black stripes add depth and character, mirroring the rugged landscapes of Loch Fyne. This tartan, with its intricate sett pattern, paints a vivid picture of the Paterson legacy, embodying resilience and pride.
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