O'Neill Tartan

One of the oldest clans in Ireland, the O'Neill clan, is ultimately a lineage of Irish origin that held prominent positions and titles in Ireland. Also known as the Red-Hand-of-Ireland-in-defiance, the O'Neill clan is directly associated with defiance and freedom movement in Ireland. The O'Neill Tartan is a mix of white, green, and brown, representing their courage and bravery.
The O'Neill Tartan has been intricately crafted, keeping in mind its traditional importance and heritage. To make the experience even grand, we take care of most minute and tiny details to turn your special occasions into proud moments. Made with only the finest acrylic fabric and highest quality process, O'Neill tartan is sure to inculcate the O'Neill clan's feeling and spirit. Our O'Neill Tartan pays homage to the noble O'Neill clan.