Oban Tartan

Oban Tartan can be described as a style that is linked to Oban, a town in Oban situated in Argyll in Argyll Bute, Scotland. The background of Oban Tartan dates back to the beginning of the 19th century when the town was an important centre for commerce and trade. Oban was a major hub for traders and merchants who brought their products to local markets, and it was at this period that the distinctive design that is Oban Tartan emerged. In 2014, MacGregor and MacDuff released the third edition of their exclusive Mist tartan called Oban Mist. The tartan gets its inspiration from the picturesque beach Oban town Oban along with the beautiful surroundings. Oban Mist can be described as a universal tartan that means that it does not belong to any particular clan and can therefore be worn by anybody. The style of Oban Mist Oban Tartan is characterised by its muted hues, which are reminiscent of the colours of the landscape surrounding Oban.
The pattern has hues of green, blue and yellow, which are a representation of the mountains, the sea and fields around Oban. The pattern is flexible and is appropriate to create a variety of kilts including formal, semi-formal, as well as informal Kilts. In the present, Oban Tartan remains a significant symbol of Scottish tradition, and is widely regarded as a timeless pattern that is a testament to the rich heritage that the city has. Many families and clans from the region still wear kilts adorned in the Oban Tartan, and it is regarded as a sign of pride for people with roots in the region.