Nova Scotia Tartan

The Nova Scotia Tartan is a symbol of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located on the east coast of North America. Its name, meaning "New Scotland," is a nod to the province's Scottish heritage. The tartan design was created by Mrs. Douglas Murray, President of the Halifax N. S. Weavers Guild in 1953 as an alternative backdrop for an exhibition on farming. It is the first officially acknowledged Canadian Provincial tartan and was approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council in September 1955. This was also the first tartan that was included in the records from the Court of Lord Lyon. The colors of the Nova Scotia Tartan are carefully chosen to represent the natural beauty and rich history of the province. The white and blue symbolize the ocean, the greens represent the forests, the red is the Royal Lion on the shield of the arms of the Province, and the gold symbolizes the Province's, Royal Charter.
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