New Mexico Tartan

The New Mexico Tartan is a unique tartan that represents the state of New Mexico in the United States. Designed by Joyce Begay-Foss, a Navajo weaver, the tartan was adopted in 2005 as the official tartan of New Mexico. The New Mexico tartan is a unique creation by Ralph L. Stevenson, first introduced in 1995 as part of his petition for the inaugural US Tartan Day. This design was later made available to the public domain, and in 2003, the Secretary of State of New Mexico, Rebecca Vigil-Giron, officially declared it as the state's tartan. The New Mexico tartan is woven by NGSI Woolen Mills of New Mexico, using high-quality materials to produce a stunning tartan that showcases the unique and colorful character of this southwestern state. The colors of the tartan reflect the state's beautiful natural surroundings, with gold representing the sun, red for the earth, blue for the sky, and green for the forests and grasslands.
While not tied to a specific clan or family, the New Mexico Tartan serves as a symbol of the state's rich cultural heritage, which includes Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo traditions. The tartan's design embodies the spirit of the state, which is a melting pot of different cultures and histories. It is often used in ceremonial dress and as a symbol of state pride. The New Mexico Tartan has gained recognition both nationally and internationally. In 2006, the Scottish Tartans Authority officially recognized the New Mexico Tartan, making it the first US state tartan to be registered in Scotland. The tartan has since become a popular choice for those with connections to New Mexico, as well as those who simply appreciate its beautiful design and unique history.