Modern Hybrid Kilt - Tartan Pleated

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Modern Hybrid Kilt- Tartan Pleated

It is believed that When kilts were first conceptualized, they were made for what seemed to be a single purpose: soldiers wore them in battle to not only give them greater freedom of movement while they were on the battlefield, but the warm, long wool fabric was also enough to keep them warm while they fought or slept between battles. They soon became a symbol of Scottish pride and a staple in the culture of Scots people, and throughout the years, they have begun to be worn for more than just formal dress events. Today, kilts are made for both men and women who want to wear them for everything from running errands in the afternoon to going out to a party at night. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we are dedicated to bringing you kilts for every occasion. The Modern Tartan Pleated Hybrid Kilt with Zippers is an example of a bold, modern kilt that strays from its highly traditional roots to give you something contemporary and stylish without completely eliminating the classic tartan elements that many kilts have. The kilt has the potential for plenty of bold personality to show depending on the color of tartan drill material that you choose for the main focus of the kilt. On the cotton drill fabric are zippers that can be worn open or closed. Pull the decorative zippers down to close them up and leave the kilt with stripes of silver metal, or pull them up to expose the tartan that rests in the pleats of the kilt. On one of the hips are metal loops and chains that provide you with a matching indust