Mini Tartan Kilt

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Mini Tartan Kilt

Finding the perfect balance between style and cultural dress can be difficult, especially for women who want to wear kilts to show their Scottish pride but also want to flatter their shape. The perfect solution to this issue comes in the form of the Mini Tartan Kilt, a skirt that combines the tartan patterning that makes kilts famous with the cut and style of your favorite skirt. This skirt is available in any number of colors and patterns for you to choose from, meaning there is sure to be one in our shop that perfectly expresses who you are as a person in a remarkably stylish way.
Each one is fashioned out of high-quality acrylic wool that gives you the look and feel of a traditional tartan fabric without all of the weight and heat, making it ideal for wearing even during the warmer months of the year. Whatever pattern it is you prefer, you can have it made to fit your unique shape and size, thanks to our made-to-measure promise that will have you falling in love with the kilt straight out of the box. Simply send your measurements in along with your order.