Mckinley Tartan

The MacKinlay clan, also known as MacKinley, Macinle, and various other Anglicized forms, can trace their origins back to the Lennox District of Scotland. The oldest known record of the clan is from Buchanan of Auchmar in 1723, who claimed that the Chief sept of the Lennox MacKinlays were descended from Buchanan of Drumikill. The clan name is most common in the 16th and 17th centuries and can be associated with tartans from clans such as Buchanan, Farquharson, MacFarlane, and Stewart of Appin. While the name appears in various forms, it is likely that most MacKinlays are descendants of Finlay, MacFarlane, or Buchanan. The clan has also been linked to MacLeas or Linvingstones, another form of MacLeay. While the name was not present in the lists of the 1745 rebels, it was historically linked to various notable figures such as Finlay MacKinlay, who supplied meals to the Lady of Luss in 1564 and was the tenant of Nether Ross in Luss in 1588. The name occurs most frequently in the records of Glenlyon and Balquidder.
The McKinley tartan is a distinctive plaid pattern featuring bold, contrasting colors of blue, green, red, and black. The tartan's design consists of thick, straight lines and broad checks, with a symmetrical pattern that creates a pleasing visual effect. The predominant blue and green colors are evocative of the Scottish landscape, while the red and black add depth and contrast to the design. The McKinley tartan is a versatile pattern that can be worn in a variety of contexts, from formal occasions to everyday wear.
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