McGuire Tartan Kilt

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Materials & Features

McGuire Tartan Kilt

The Southwestern part of the Northern Ireland is believed to be the originating center of the ancient Macguire surname. Many variations of the name McGuire have evolved since the time of its initial creation. In Gaelic it appeared as Mag Uidhir, which is derived from the word "odhar," meaning "dun-colored;" in the genitive case, the word is "uidhir."By 1785, tartan was a thing of the past, many of the weavers had died and with them the details of the old patterns were lost as their wooden pattern sticks had rotted away. Fragments of the old tartans had also rotted and perished leaving little evidence for future generations.The great tartan revival started in 1822, when George IV visited Edinburgh and suggested that people attending the official functions should wear their respective tartans.
Each year almost 50,000 people from across the world meet in Edinburgh, to celebrate Scottish culture and heritage, writes, Ben Johnson in his famous work "The History of Tartan".A research paper titled "Scottish Identity, Intangible Heritage or Identity Deceit"?, sheds ample light on the overall Scottish traditions. The paper says,"What is interesting to note is that many of the traditions that is associated with Scotland were only created roughly in the 18th century on wards, coinciding with the industrial revolution.Even if many Scottish traditions were invented or migrated from other cultures, they have come to be an important part of national identity, reinforcing local pride and thus representing the country’s brand externally.
The people of Scotland have retained their innate sense of pride and unity throughout history and their adopted heritage is perhaps their best way of emphasizing what they are: different". Our extraordinary Custom Made Macguire Tartan Kilt. To make the experience even grand, we take care of most minute and tiny details to turn your special occasions into proud, cherished moments. The Macguire Tartan Kilt is surely a treasure for you to grace yourself.

Materials & Features
Cloth: 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric
Design: Wood Cock Tartan
Pleats: Knife Pleats
Cleaning: Easy to Wash
Buckles: Rust Free
Strap: Adjustable Leather Strap