Maxwell Hunting Tartan

It is believed that the Maxwell Hunting Tartan is associated with the Maxwell family which is one of the longest-running and most well-known families of Scotland. The Maxwell family has a long and rich heritage that goes from the early 12th century and beyond, the Maxwells have played a major influence on Scotland's culture and political environment.
The tartan was created by the Maxwell family from Freemasonry to be thought of. Anne Carroll Gilmour, an internationally renowned weaver who specializes in traditional Scottish Tartan weaving, designed the pattern and then submitted it to the Scottish Tartans Authority in Perthshire, Scotland for registration. Maxwell Hunting Tartan sett consists of a background of green that is bordered in red followed by black lines. Additionally, The Maxwell Hunting Tartan is striking black, green, and blue stripes that symbolize the family's rich tradition and heritage. The tartan is frequently utilized in kilts and other Scottish clothing and is a common choice for people who want to express the pride they have in their Scottish heritage.