Matheson Muted Tartan

The Matheson Muted Tartan holds a significant place within the rich tapestry of Scottish heritage. Rooted in the ancient hunting Matheson clan, this tartan pays homage to a lineage steeped in history. The Mathesons, known as the 'sons of Matthew,' were deeply involved in various noteworthy events, their names intertwined with tales of both intrigue and honor. Witnesses to charters and participants in notorious murders, they left an indelible mark on Scottish history. With its roots tracing back to Lochalsh, Lochcarron, and Kintail, this clan flourished under the patronage of the Celtic Earls of Ross. Aligned with the powerful Macdonalds, the Lords of the Isles, Mathenson thrived. However, as the influence of the Macdonalds waned, so too did the fortunes of them. Yet, their story took an unexpected turn when Sir James Matheson departed Scotland in the wake of the devastating Kildonan clearances. Sir James Matheson's journey led him to establish the renowned Jardine Matheson trading house in the Far East. Though physically distant, their spirit endured, woven into the fabric of this tartan. Today, this tartan stands as a testament to their resilience, evoking a sense of timeless connection to a bygone era.
The Matheson Muted Tartan showcases a harmonious blend of colors that reflects the clan's heritage. With a muted palette of red, blue, and green, this tartan exudes a subtle elegance. The warm hues of red symbolize passion and courage, while the deep blues evoke a sense of tranquility and loyalty. The touches of green represent the lush landscapes that once surrounded the Matheson clan's ancestral lands.
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