Matheson Hunting Tartan

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Scottish culture as we explore the intriguing history of the Matheson Hunting Tartan. This exceptional tartan reflects the courage, loyalty, and resilience of the Matheson Clan, whose name originates from the Gaelic term "Mic Mhathghamhuin," meaning "son of the bear" or "son of the heroes." The Clan's ancestral roots trace back to Gilleoin, a prominent figure of the twelfth century. Settling in the scenic lands of Lochalsh, Lochcarron, and Kintail, they initially pledged their allegiance to the MacDonalds, the Lords of the Isles. Fighting alongside Donald, Lord of the Isles, in the Battle of Harlaw, Matheson clansmen showcased their bravery and prowess, likened to the renowned MacKenzies. With the decline of the Lords of the Isles, they faced a power struggle between the MacLeods of Lewis and the MacKenzies. Ultimately, they aligned themselves with the MacKenzies under the leadership of their clan chief, Iain Dubh Matheson. They have exemplified unwavering loyalty throughout history. Iain Dubh 's heroic defense of the Eilean Donan Castle in 1539 symbolizes the enduring bond between them and the MacKenzies, founded on honor and duty. This tartan represents this captivating history, encapsulating the bravery, loyalty, and resilience of the Clan and their lasting connection to Scottish culture.
The Matheson Hunting Tartan, with its distinguished colors of blue, green, and black, beautifully captures the essence of this extraordinary clan. The regal blue reflects the expansive skies and waters that surround their ancestral lands, while the vibrant green evokes the lush landscapes that have witnessed their history unfold. Intertwined with black, these colors pay homage to the strength and resilience that define the Mathesons.
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