MacRae Tartan

Step into the captivating world of the Macrae tartan, a symbol deeply entrenched in the annals of Scottish history. Originating in the Scottish Highlands during the 14th century, Clan MacRae has an intriguing and storied past. The clan emerged from the picturesque landscape of Clunes near Beauty Firth and over time, its members dispersed to new lands. Brahan, Argyll and Kintail became their new homes, with Kintail serving as the cherished heartland of the MacRaes. These resilient clansmen share their ancestry with prominent names like Mackenzie and Maclean, forging strong bonds of kinship and solidarity. Embodied by the motto "Fortitudine" – With Fortitude – Clan MacRae's history is a tapestry woven with valor and dedication. They played a pivotal role in the saga of Eilean Donan Castle, standing as its constables and staunch chamberlains of Kintail. Their unwavering commitment extended to matters of faith, as they remained steadfast to the Episcopalian belief. From the Battle of Sheriffmuir to the tumultuous Jacobite Rising, the MacRaes bore witness to both triumphs and tribulations, their legacy indelibly imprinted on Scotland's narrative.
The Macrae tartan is a symphony of colors that dances across the fabric, reflecting the essence of Scottish landscapes. A harmonious blend of purple, rich green, and pure white creates a captivating visual melody. This pure New acrylic Wool Tartan embodies the essence of Clan MacRae's heritage. The purple, reminiscent of the regal heather-strewn moors, represents the clan's resilience and strength. The lush green captures the rolling hills and fertile valleys of their beloved homeland, symbolizing growth and vitality. Finally, the pristine white embodies the purity of purpose and the unity that binds the MacRae clan together.
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