Macquarrie Tartan

The MacQuarrie clan is a Highland clan, one of the seven clans of Siol Alpin, claiming descent from the King of the ancient territory of Dál Riata. Their Gaelic name, MacGuaidhre, means "proud" or "noble." They are one of the four oldest clans in Scottish history and have a common descent with the Mackinnons, with Guaire being the brother of Fingon, their ancestor. The MacQuarries fought in the Scottish Wars of Independence, supporting Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. They are fierce advocates of Scottish independence. The suppression of the Lordship of the Isles gave the Macquarries a greater measure of independence, but they generally followed the fortunes of their more powerful neighbours, the Macleans of Duart. John Macquarrie of Ulva supported the attempt of Donald, the last Lord of the Isles, against the Crown in 1545, but he was one of the chiefs denounced in the same year for traitorous dealings with the English. The MacQuarrie clan motto is "Turris Fortis Meus Mihi Deus" (God is a strong tower to me), and their badge is a pine. The clan crest is an armoured arm emerging from a tower, clutching a dagger. The MacQuarries owned the island of Ulva off the western edge of Mull, and they are also a branch of the Clan Alpin, claiming descent from Kenneth MacAlpine, first king of Scotland, together with the MacGregors, MacKinnons, and MacPhies.
The Macquarrie Tartan features a distinctive pattern of orange, green, and brown lines. The design is made up of crisscrossing horizontal and vertical lines that create a checkered appearance. The tartan is predominantly green with bold orange and brown stripes running through it. The colors in the tartan are symbolic of the Scottish countryside, with green representing the lush fields and forests, orange symbolizing the heather, and brown representing the earth. The Macquarrie Tartan is named after the Scottish clan of the same name, which is said to have originated from the Isle of Ulva.
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