MacPherson Tartan

The MacPherson Clan is one of the oldest Scottish clans with a rich history and a distinctive tartan. The clan's origins can be traced back to the 13th century in the Scottish Highlands. They were a part of the Clan Chattan confederacy and were originally located in Badenoch. The clan takes its name from "Mac a' Phearsain," which means "son of the parson," and is believed to have originated from the Gaelic word "fearsithe," which means "man of peace." The MacPhersons were known for their skill in battle and their loyalty to their clan and chieftain. They played a significant role in the Jacobite uprisings of the 18th century, with many MacPherson fighting alongside Bonnie Prince Charlie. The MacPherson tartan is a striking design that features a deep blue and black check pattern with white and red accents.
The MacPherson Clan originated in Badenoch and was a part of the Clan Chattan alliance.
The clan is named after Duncan, Parson of Kingussie, who lived in 1438 and was the great-grandson of Muriach, the Chief of Clan Chattan in 1173. The MacPhersons were a powerful Highland clan who played significant roles in Scottish history, including the Wars of Scottish Independence and the Jacobite uprisings. The tartan was registered in 1815 and has been a popular choice for kilts and other traditional Scottish clothing ever since. The MacPherson Clan continues to thrive today, with many members spread throughout Scotland and around the world. The clan has a strong sense of identity and a deep connection to their history and heritage, making them an important part of Scottish culture and history.