MacNaughton Tartan Kilt

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MacNaughton Tartan Kilt

The MacNaughton has several connotations and kinds that each differs the Gaelic – MacNeachdain, ‘son of Neachdainn’, an ancient famous personal identification. The name seems to have been localised into Gaelic from the Pictish where it is existed as ‘Nechtan’ – literally, ‘the pure one’. The old documents shows that the name first appeared on record in 1247 when Gillecrist MacNachtan handed over the Church of Kelmurhe to the Abbey of Inchaffray. Clan MacNaughton are conventionally related to Argyllshire where they are of great antiquity. They are believed to be descended from Nachtan Mor, who is concidered to have lived in the 10th century.The18th century historian Buchanan of Auchmar is of the view that the clan were basically inhibited in Perthshire where they were Thanes of Loch Tay. Wuyh tge inception of 13th century they had started to move westwards grabbing lands in Glenore, Loch Awe, Glenshira and on Loch Fyne, where they had their seat at the Castle of Dundarave – The Castle of the Two Oars. This MacNaughton Tartan Kilt is said to be closely resembles the MacDuff tartan but no truth backs this notion. Famous writer Ben Johnson in his article " The history of Tartan ", writes that Tartan was used to make the items of clothing which are today considered traditional Scottish dress, including the philabeg, or kilt, and of course the trews. These would be worn with shoes of untanned hide and the cuaran, a knee length boot also made from hide which was shaped to the leg and kept in place by thongs. A hat, or bonnet of knitted wool sporting a badge of the clan, usually a plant of flower, would sit proudly on the head of the clansman. The highly ornamented leather sporran worn in front of the kilt served as a purse completed the ensemble.We offer a great variety of fine tartan kilt and you can choose from the given list to order as we deliver accross the world and our prices always touches the lowest ebb as we are a direct manufacturers and don't work as third party.

Materials & Features
Cloth: 100% Acrylic Wool Fabric
Design: Wood Cock Tartan
Pleats: Knife Pleats
Cleaning: Easy to Wash
Buckles: Rust Free
Strap: Adjustable Leather Strap