MacKinnon Tartan

Step into the captivating world of the MacKinnon Tartan, a timeless symbol of Scottish heritage. They trace their roots back to Siol Alpin, the proud descendants of Kenneth MacAlpin, the first King of Scots. Throughout history, this distinguished clan has been intertwined with pivotal moments and illustrious figures. During the era of Robert the Bruce, the MacKinnons of Arran stood as loyal allies, aiding the great king's escape to Carrick. Their unwavering support continued after the triumph at Bannockburn, as they were rewarded with lands on the enchanting Isle of Skye, where the walls of Dunrigall Castle echoed their proud history. In another facet of their legacy, a branch of the family became hereditary abbots of Iona, contributing to the spiritual fabric of Scotland. They in their pursuit of honor, encountered a riveting rivalry with the MacLeans. As staunch Jacobites, they lent their allegiance to the Stuarts, fervently supporting the royalist cause in numerous battles. It is said that the chief of them once sheltered Charles Edward Stewart, only to face capture and the trials of a turbulent era. Today, this Tartan proudly preserves the stories and values of this remarkable lineage.
The MacKinnon Tartan features shades of red, green, blue, purple, and white, harmoniously intertwined to create a visually striking set pattern. The lush green reflects the abundant landscapes they called home, while the tranquil blue symbolizes the surrounding seas that shaped their destinies. The royal purple signifies their noble lineage, while the pristine white represents purity and honor.
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