MacKay Tartan

The roots of the Mackay Tartan run deep, tracing back to the heart of Scottish history. Originally known as Clan Kay, these Highlanders are steeped in a rich tapestry of legends and lore. The name "MacKay" itself derives from the Gaelic 'MacAoidh,' signifying "son of Aodh," a term that evolved from an Old German word meaning "fire." Clan Kay's founder, Morgund of Pluscarden, set the foundation for this esteemed clan, later adopting the MacKay name from a chief during the era of David II. The MacKays have diverse origins, with some branches tracing their roots to Inverness-shire, where they were believed to be MacDhai or Davidson, a subset of Clan Chatton. Historical records paint a vivid picture of their presence, with the first recorded MacKay, Gilchrist M'ay, documented in 1326. Their influence extended to Kintyre in 1329. Morgund, the clan's patriarch, hailed from the Royal House of Moray, migrating from Ross to Sutherland, where they would rise to prominence. Clan MacKay's unwavering support for Robert the Bruce during the Battle of Bannockburn solidified their place in Scottish history. The MacKays of Strathnaver are celebrated for the renowned 'MacKay Regiment,' which gallantly served the Dutch and Swedish Crowns, with many settling in Strathnaver. In 1628, Sir Donald MacKay achieved peerage recognition under Charles I. The clan's motto, "Manu Forti," meaning "With a Strong Hand," reflects their enduring strength. Today, Clan MacKay is led by the 15th Lord Reay, Aeneas Simon Mackay, with Ophemert Castle in the Netherlands serving as their current seat.
The Mackay Tartan exudes the beauty of tradition with its striking plaid pattern. A lush green background forms the canvas for thick blue and black stripes that crisscross this elegant fabric. Delicate thin yellow stripes add a touch of brightness and contrast, creating a harmonious blend of colors that embodies the essence of Scottish landscapes. With its vivid, authentic design, this tartan pays homage to the enduring spirit of Clan MacKay.
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