Macinnes Red Ancient Tartan

The MacInnes is believed to be of Celtic origin and the term MacAoghuis being Gaelic for son of Angus The MacInnes' ancestors were likely to be among the earliest inhabitants of Dalriada and are believed to have been part of a branch from the Siol Gillebride, thought to be the first people from Morven as well as Ardnamurchan. Another tradition indicates they were promised favor from the Lord of the Isles. Another chief from the clan MacInnes was appointed Constable of Kinlochaline. Castle in Kinlochaline was under the control of MacInnes at the time of MacInnes when it was burned by Coll Kitto in 1648. Macinnes Red Ancient Tartan has a Red background with vertical and horizontal white lines spaced by yellow shaded strips. All these lines and stripes intersect each other.
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