Macfadyen Tartan

Macfadyen Tartan is associated with the Macfadyen surname. It is a Scottish surname with Celtic heritage. The Macfadyen family is believed to originate from the Argyll region in Scotland with a lengthy and extensive tradition in the region. The Macfadyen clan played an important part in Scottish history and was renowned for their bravery and courage in battle. The numerous variations of this name are derived from the Gaelic Macphaidein, which means son of the young Patrick'. The name was first used by Kintyre in the year 1304. There is a myth about the family being the first owners of Lochbuie. They then became goldsmiths who were on the move. The name was popular throughout Islay, Mull, and Tiree. Names such as Islay, Mull, and Tiree are believed to be an ancestral clan of Clan MacLean because of a regular problem with spelling mistakes and misspellings which are typical in a myriad of Scottish names.
It is believed that the Macfadyen Tartan is an original design that represents the rich history and heritage that is the history of the Macfadyen family and provides a source of pride for all members belonging to the Macfadyen Clan. The patterns and shades that make up the Macfadyen Tartan are typically passed from generation to generation and used to make traditional Scottish clothes, like plaids and kilts. Macfadyen Tartan resembles a particular pattern of plaid that has been associated with the surname Macfadyen, featuring hues and colors of Red navy blue, black along with Dark Green. The tartan symbolizes that family's Scottish tradition and serves as a way to identify individuals belonging to the family. The tartan is used to create traditional Scottish clothes, like plaids and kilts. The Macfadyen Tartan is a means for members of the Macfadyen clan to demonstrate the pride they have in their Scottish heritage and bond with their ancestors.