MacDonnell of Keppoch Ancient Tartan

Lorn is the ancestral home of the Celtic clan, which descends from Dugall the one of the sons of Somerled from the Isles. They were known in the title of the Lords of Lorn who fought Robert the Bruce. When they fought with the clan King Robert was able to escape death however, he left his brooch. The brooch, known as the Brooch of Lorn, is today one of the most prized possessions of the clan. It was the MacDougall Chief who was eventually taken, prisoner. John, his son John left for England and was made an Admiral in the English fleet. The land belonging to the clan was taken away, but they later came into Stewart's control. In 1457, John MacDougall acquired Dunolly and was appointed chief of Dunolly's clan. The chief's oldest daughter is known as "the Lady of Lorn". The MacDonnell of Keppoch Ancient Tartan colors is red, green, and blue.

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