Macdiarmid Ancient Tartan

The MacDiarmid clan, associated with the MacDiarmid Ancient Tartan, has a rich history with many spelling variations for their name. The clan is named after Diarmid O'Duinn, ancestor of the Campbell hero who defeated the Wild Boar, and is sometimes known as Siol Diarhid, meaning "offspring of Diarmid." The MacDiarmids of Glenlyon claim to be the oldest in the district, with their ancient cemetery in Morenish churchyard near Killin. Despite their connection to the Campbells, there is little evidence of the clan, and only one record of Angus McDeirmid exists in the Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Army. In Ireland, the name MacDermot (MacDiarmid) is prominent, particularly in County Roscommon, with the MacDiarmada septs stemming from a branch of the royal O’Connors of Connacht. Today, the MacDermots are mostly located outside of Connacht, with the second-highest distribution in Ulster.
The MacDougall Ancient Tartan is a traditional Scottish tartan with a predominantly green and black color scheme. The pattern consists of broad stripes of green and blue with thinner stripes of red and white, and a prominent red stripe running through the center. The design of the tartan is said to represent the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands, with its hills and valleys, forests and lochs. The MacDougall Ancient Tartan is a popular choice for those with Scottish heritage. In contrast, the MacDiarmid Ancient Tartan features a green, black, white, and red color scheme, with a distinctive pattern of criss-crossing stripes and lines.
Scottish Kilt is a well-known brand that specializes in creating high-quality kilts, often made with tartan fabric like the MacDougall Ancient Tartan or the MacDiarmid Ancient Tartan. They offer a variety of styles and customization options, reflecting the wearer's heritage and personal style.