MacClure Tartan

Step into a world where tradition meets contemporary style with the Mcclure Tartan. Designed by the visionary Phil Smith in 2004 and meticulously woven by DC Dalgliesh, this tartan encapsulates the essence of Scottish heritage. Rooted in the ancient Dalriadan tribes of Scotland's western coast and Hebrides islands, the McClure clan's legacy is woven into every thread. The name "McClure," derived from the Gaelic "Mac-Giolla-Uidhir," meaning "son of the pale youth" or "son of Odhar's servant," is a testament to the clan's historical significance. First established in Ayrshire and Galloway, the clan's presence has endured through the ages, with notable figures like John McLur and Robert McLure standing as loyal supporters of the Earl of Casilis in 1526. Through centuries, the clan's influence has only grown, exemplified by Robert MacLure, the earliest recorded Clan piper, serving as the chief of the Buchanans in 1600. As you embrace the Mcclure Tartan, you're embracing centuries of heritage, loyalty and honor.
The color palette, a symphony of dark green, navy blue, black, red, and white, creates a captivating visual harmony that resonates with the beauty of the Scottish landscapes. Each hue carries its significance, from the deep green representing the lush Scottish Highlands to the regal navy blue evoking the grandeur of ancient castles. The intricate sett pattern weaves together the clan's history, reflecting the resilience and unity of the McClure clan. With accuracy held in the utmost regard.
And finally, at Scottish Kilt, we're not just offering a product; we're inviting you to become a part of a living legacy. Our commitment to preserving and sharing the rich heritage of Scottish culture resonates through every product we offer. The Mcclure Tartan, with its deep historical roots and captivating colors, stands as a testament to our dedication. As a brand specializing in Scottish culture and traditional attire, we take pride in being your gateway to authentic experiences.